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  • Increase Car MPG - 9 Great ways to Increase Fuel useage

    Increase Car MPG - 9 Great ways to Increase Fuel useage

    There are plenty of techniques to Increase Car MPG in other words increase fuel useage, you most likely read or heard all the methods somewhere, given that they sound so trivial, you might be ignoring it. Some of them fail to work plus some of them work, should you just implement four to five of those methods consistently, saving hundreds a year isn't impossible.


    Tuning your engine, this may a large effect to improve gas mileage (incorrect fuel ratio, spark timing and plugs can impact the MPG of the car)
    Stop turning on the engine when you are not driving and avoid prevent you may want to take alternative ways (traffic jam is bad for your emotional state as well as your car MPG, and indirectly affect your earnings)
    Use a good oil (synthetic oil with a friction that reduces oil additive has been shown to improve car MPG by 10%)
    Reduce weight in your car (forbid people to take a ride!!, I am talking about remove unnecessary objects out of your car)
    Make make use of your cruise control whenever it's possible
    Reducing resistance on a trip, give consideration whether your tires are properly inflated
    Never Make use of your ac (I know it doesn't seem possible, however, you may use it less, right?)
    Help your engine overcome the gravity while climbing hill, you simply have to close your windows
    Can You retain your highway speed at 55-60 mph? It could increase fuel useage by 25% (are you shocked? Everyone knows it's tough)

    high mpg suvs

    Will they sound very difficult to implement? Increase car MPG by doing them consistently could be tough, you might be able to perform it within the first couple of weeks but next, I am sure most people will give up.
    There is no reason for you to lose hope though, you are able to increase car MPG with a hidden secret method (actually it's well-known), which would be to run car on water.

    Is it possible to run car on water?
    Yes, it's. In fact this technology was invented 80 years ago but it was kept secret because of some political reasons. Today using the power from the internet, people could possibly get the guide easily and enjoy their life, in which they don't have to bother with rising gas price.

    Running car on water with hydrogen when needed system can increase gas mileage by 100%, it has been proven. As a matter fact, CNN has interviewed a guy which has were able to convert his car to operate on water and save hundreds of Dollars every month.

    high mpg trucks

    Amazingly you do not have to invest $1000 instead you simply have to spend $150 for a complete hydrogen when needed system. The interesting part is you can claim your IRS tax refund (for driving a far more environment friendly car) and keep much more money in your wallet. How would you react if you can increase car MPG and save money massively?

    Added by Bill & Foster on Thu, Jun 14th 2012